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Since ancient times, bluebirds have been a symbol of good luck and happiness. Bluebird meaning reminds us of the beauty of the world around us and the importance of setting yourself free from all your doubts and worries. They serve as an invitation to spend more time appreciating the God-given gifts that we often take for granted.

Have you ever been on a chairlift in the Rocky Mountains, catching your breath after a tough run, and you lean back and gaze into the bluest of skies? Your buddy next to you senses your thoughts and says offhandedly, “another bluebird day.” The effort and time to get on the mountain recede in the background, and you know that fortune has blessed you and your friend.

I grew up skiing on the small hills south of Buffalo, NY; hills I proudly say are home to alpine Olympians; the cold air would suck up the warm waters of Lake Erie, and the first hills they met; they would let loose their beautiful white stuff. My mother ran a straightforward military affair on Friday nights, preparing her ten kids for a day at the slopes. Sometimes, I admit we even wore jeans.

I fell in love with the mountains when I visited Lake Placid with my family and saw Whiteface Mountain. Wow, that top section is steep.

After graduation from college, it was time to be a ski bum in Vail, following the well-worn trail of so many powder lovers. Fortunately, it was a great snow year, and I learned of the native Colorado term – bluebird day.

Skiing is for the young and old, for families and friends. In this screen-crazy world we live in; we must encourage ourselves and others to make an effort to enjoy the winter activities of the Rocky Mountains.

I will be reaching out to serve snow lovers and help them with their finances. Hopefully, they will share their favorite powder glade with me.

BlueBird Advisory supports the mission of the Colorado Snowsport Museum, especially keeping alive the famous stories of the 10th Mountain Division. 

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