Why Peter Ruh “broke away”

Peter Ruh shares in the video his reasons for establishing BlueBird Advisory, his passion for investments and skiing, and his choice to depart from a major bank and collaborate with the acclaimed RFG Advisory in autumn 2021.

You can read about Peter’s investment philosophy here or learn about Peter’s favorite yet little-known Colorado ski area.

Boulder, CO – October 1st, 2021 – RFG Advisory, an innovator in the wealth management industry, is proud to announce its affiliation with BlueBird Advisory in Boulder, Colorado.

Founded by veteran Advisor Peter Ruh, CEO, BlueBird Advisory has an eye for the future, bringing solutions to their clients to guide them through the ever-changing investing landscape. Passionate about serving Gen X’ers, skiers/snowboarders and blockchain enthusiasts, Peter is fulfilling a life-long dream to build a wealth management firm specifically with his client experience in mind.

“I believe the coming decades will not be like the last four decades. We need to take stock of our situation today to prepare for the journey that lay before us. We need to formulate a plan that reflects our values, dreams, ability to adapt to changing weather and uses a high-tech, high-touch approach necessary in today’s consequential economic environment,” states Peter.

With a keen eye towards marketing and connecting in a very intentional way with his clients, Peter is launching Bluebird TV within his website highlighting everything from epic powder videos to his thoughts on the market and the future of investing.

“The future is not going to wait around for you to catch up,” says Bobby White, Founder and CEO of RFG Advisory, “you have to be disruptive, bold, and forward-thinking for your practice and for the clients you serve. Peter represents all of that and more.”

“I am so grateful to have found the right partner to become independent,” says Peter, “RFG Advisory is a team of A-players who have a warrior mindset and a servant heart. Innovation doesn’t happen when you sit still. You have to keep looking on the horizon and RFG Advisory does that at a high level.”

RFG Advisory is always iterating towards excellence, constantly investing in new technologies and tools to enhance the 1-1 relationship with advisors and clients. It’s part of the reason why the firm has been named Non-custodial RIA support platform for two consecutive years by Wealth Management.com.

To learn more about BlueBird Advisory, please visit: www.bluebirdadvisory.com
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About RFG Advisory

RFG Advisory is an innovator in the wealth management industry. Passionately committed to serving independent financial advisors and their clients, RFG Advisory prides itself on being a service company first, a technology company second and a hybrid-RIA third. RFG Advisory delivers a turn-key integrated platform that provides Advisors all of the tools and resources they need to be the CEO of their practice, not the COO, including turn-key technology, institutional-caliber investment management, marketing, compliance, business consulting and operational support. Focused on amplifying independence, Advisors who affiliate with RFG Advisory maintain all of the equity in their business and pay a basis point fee for access to RFG’s investment and technology platform. Additionally, through RFG Capital, the firm buys stakes in advisor practices to facilitate succession planning and provide loans to advisors to enable the move to full independence.

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