Why BlueBird

Since ancient times, bluebirds have symbolized good luck and happiness. Bluebirds reminds us of the beauty of the world and the importance of setting yourself free from doubts and worries. They invite us to spend more time appreciating the God-given gifts we often take for granted.

We believe trust is a rare commodity these days, and we want to change that. Because when you think about it, when you’re planning for your future, trust is everything.

So, we prioritize putting in the time and going the extra mile to earn your trust. Only then can we truly work together and create a plan for our future.

We’re independent. We act as a fiduciary and are not associated with a large investment firm. But how does that affect you? Here’s the deal: Advisors associated with larger firms can be limited in the financial products they can offer their clients. We’re not. We can research and shop around until we find the financial product that meets your needs.

We’re driven by the desire to help you prepare for a rewarding financial future. We have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interest. That’s a good first step in building a trustworthy relationship.


Our work

Why You Need a Trusted Guide

If you sense the tectonic economic changes taking place and value investment advice, advice to avoid danger zones, investment in emerging growth areas, and advice integrating both into a comprehensive financial wellness plan, I look forward to speaking with you.

I aim to craft a financial trail map customized for each client, using best-of-breed financial planning tools combined with a high-tech, high-touch experience. Like the weather, the future is unknown: low-pressure systems followed by clearing skies.

However, what is known is the value of a plan and steady advice from a knowledgeable guide who helps us focus on our destination as we journey together on this unique experience called life.


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Digital assets offered to advisory clients must be registered securities with the SEC and trade on one of the recognized major exchanges.
Money back guarantee is valid for six months after the date of engagement letter is signed. Contact BlueBird Advisory at (303) 477-1144 for further information.

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