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At BlueBird Advisors, our goal is to make planning and preparing for tomorrow easy so you can enjoy today. To achieve this, we offer all the services you need, all in one place. And, if we can’t provide a specific service or necessary expertise, we will find a professional who can.

Investment Management

We manage portfolios under an open architecture model with the freedom to find high-quality investments and put them in service for our clients.

Our portfolios integrate three strategies:

We aim to maximize tax efficiency. We balance cost with the quality of the investment manager or product. We build portfolios as a coach makes an athletic team. There are offensive as well as defensive players. We research and screen to find top-quality players for each position.

Most importantly, we believe regular collaboration with our clients improves the quality of the investment portfolio and the client’s financial plan.

Tax Planning

No matter what stage you are on your financial path, taxes are a big consideration when assessing your financial health. It goes beyond choosing what accounts or vehicles you choose to get you to and through retirement. It is about taking a look at the whole financial picture and making decisions that will help you get to your goals in the most tax efficient way. Through intentional portfolio construction, thoughtful business or career planning, and education on how these decisions and strategies can impact your financial future, we help create a trail map for your financial future.

Incentive Stock Options

When employees stock option planning is needed, we have experience working to develop strategies that consider tax implication and best integrate into your overall financial and retirement plans.

How It Works?

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Digital assets offered to advisory clients must be registered securities with the SEC and trade on one of the recognized major exchanges.
Money back guarantee is valid for six months after the date of engagement letter is signed. Contact BlueBird Advisory at (303) 477-1144 for further information.

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