Are You Curious About Digital Assets?

As Joel Monegro, a well know VC in the digital asset space, stated:

“In the information age, with the online communications network, we are reaching the limits with how much we can scale the (capital) instruments of the past.

What makes blockchain so foundational? It is a technology for creating new capital instruments that are orders of magnitude cheaper to create, orders of magnitude cheaper to distribute, and orders of magnitude cheaper to defend.”

Blockchain and digital ledger technologies may be a generational paradigm shift disrupting entire industries and society. As of June 30th, 2021, this global asset class was worth over $1.5 trillion, growing tenfold since 2015. In comparison, Credit Suisse 2021 Global wealth report estimated global wealth at $418 trillion as of the end of 2020.

Currently, governments and companies worldwide are implementing blockchain-type applications to solve real-world problems. Use cases include integrity in the supply chain, protection of intellectual property, and reducing the high frictional cost inherent in our legacy payment system. The blockchain technology reaches across boundaries, cultures, and legal systems allowing new creativity and capital formation.

Investing in Digital Assets is different than buying crypto. There are many things first-time investors should know to help them succeed. Peter Ruh, Founder of BlueBird Advisory, earned the Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets® from the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals and New York Institute of Finance in 2021.

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