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Bluebird Tune-Up Solution

Life is indeed a journey, not a destination. The journey will be full of ups and downs. We need to take stock of our situation today to prepare for the journey that lays before us. We need to measure our strengths and weaknesses. We need to formulate a plan that reflects our values, dreams, ability to adapt to changing weather and uses a high-tech, high-touch approach necessary in today's consequential economic environment.

The four-month $888 BlueBird Tune-Up is the first step in getting in shape for the financial journey ahead.

Upon completing this, you will be more confident of your route, vision, equipment, and the dangers and opportunities that will present themselves. Below is the outline for the BlueBird Tune-Up.

Month 1: Big Picture

Visualize the Possibilities

Empowering humans to see their full financial picture and make better decisions about what matters.

  • Visualize your personal Asset-Map on one page.
  • ID sources of concern.
  • Easy data input from any device.
  • Get organize quickly.
  • Integrates with MoneyGuide Pro Financial Planning.
Month 1: Big Picture

Month 2: Stress Test

  • Sync all financial accounts to see 360 view of your financial world.
  • Stress test your assets against various economic storms.
  • Challenge your expectations.
  • Get detailed report of strengths and weaknesses in your asset allocation based on your goals.
  • Learn how adding investment alternatives may help your overall investments portfolios.*
  • Receive recommended allocation targets along with list of highly regarded managers for each position.

Month 3: Your Choice

Choose a topic of most pressing concern and receive analysis, research and recommended next steps. Some examples:

  • Digital Asset Investing.
  • Tax deductible savings ideas.
  • Consolidated investment account viewing.
  • Estate Planning.
  • Investment Management.
  • Direct Indexing Strategies.
  • College Funding.
  • Options for long term care financing.
Month 3: Your Choice

Month 4: Plan of Action

  • MoneyGuide Pro, a powerful technology solution to help improve our financial wellness.
  • See how your plan stacks up vs your peers?
  • Get an online 'Confidence Zone' to play "what if" games.
  • Data Aggregate all your accounts and monitor your plan even after the Tune-Up is over.
  • Receive Financial Plan and list of recommendations.

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4 Months $222
per Month.

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* Digital assets offered to advisory clients must be registered securities with the SEC and trade on one of the recognized major exchanges.
Money back guarantee is valid for six months after the date of engagement letter is signed. Contact BlueBird Advisory at (303) 477-1144 for further information.